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Time­frame: 3-­10 days (daily readings)

Cross­curricular Connections: Human Impacts; Functions & statistics

Assessments: Physical and online readings logs; Histograms (formative; summative);

Aligned Standards: CCS ELA­-Literacy.RST(6­8.7); WHST(6­8.7) Math.Content.5.MD.C.5b; NGSS (MS­-ESS3­-1,3­-3,3-­4;

MS­-ETS1­-1,1­-2, 1-­3) IST(3d, 5)

Essential Question 2: How can researching and comparing my situation to the experiences of others help me make better

decisions and prioritize the actions I should take?

Essential Question 3: What, if any, responsibility do we have as individuals to take actions, even small ones, to use natural

resources as efficiently as possible? How can and does math, science, engineering, and technology help us fulfill that