Time­frame: 2-­4 days*

Cross­curricular Connections: Units & Measurement; Non­fiction literacy

Assessments: Physical and online readings log (formative; summative)

Aligned Standards: CCSS ELA­-Literacy.RST (6-­8.3; 6­-8.4); ISTE (3b, 4c, 5)

Essential Question 2: How can researching and comparing my situation to the experiences of others help me make better

decisions and prioritize the actions I should take?*


*NOTE: By the end of this stage, the overarching objective is to have students on their own taking regular meter readings

(daily or more frequently if possible). Ideally, these daily readings will continue until the completion of the unit so as to

give the student a data set of their home’s/school’s utility consumption that is as full and robust as possible.