Time­frame: 2-­15 days

Cross­curricular Topics: Argumentative Writing; Entrepreneurship; Career Readiness; Art

Assessments: Non­fiction (technical) Writing Work Sample, Science Fair presentation

Aligned Standards: CCS ELA-­Literacy.W (6-­8.1B, 6­-8.7) Math (7.EE.3); NGSS S (ESS-­3­-3,

ETS 1­-1, 1-­2, 1-­3, 1-­4) (HS-­ESS3-­4); IST(3a, 4a, 4c)

Essential Question 1: What is my, and my family’s, relationship with water? Put differently, in what ways has and does

water shape my life and my community?

Essential Question 2: How can researching and comparing my situation to the experiences of others help me make better

decisions and prioritize the actions I should take?

Essential Question 3: What, if any, responsibility do we have as individuals to take actions, even small ones, to use natural

resources wisely in a way that cares for the earth? How can and does math, science, engineering, and technology help us

fulfill that responsibility?